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The turnaround is still warm in nonferrous metals

Time:2017-04-19 Click:1689

The data is the most impossible to lie. In the near future, the data from the China Non-Ferrous Metal Industry Association showed that the medium color copper industry boom index in October was 22.59, and continued to close to the lower part of the "cold" section, while the medium color aluminum smelting industry was 20.81, and it was in the "cold" interval, and the index had been declining for 7 months.

Although Ma Yun, the chairman of the board of directors of the Alibaba group, in the recent visit to China, the chairman of the China Aluminum Company and the party secretary of the China Aluminum Company, Ge Hong Lin has carried out a deep discussion on the future, the innovation entity and the business enterprise, and has agreed on the next step of working principles and methods of operation, but the situation facing the whole industry is still difficult to say. View.

Ma Yun said that the Alibaba group is looking forward to cooperation with Chinalco to start from the non-ferrous industry and gradually radiate into the traditional industries, such as the black metal industry, the coal industry and the petrochemical industry, so as to change the original image of the service platform for small and medium-sized enterprises and improve the layout and structure of the Alibaba platform industry. Ribaba business platform in all industries in depth promotion.

This brings a ray of hope to the struggling nonferrous metals industry, especially Chinalco. With the downward pressure of the aluminum industry gradually increasing, the capacity is seriously overabundant, and the Internet can alleviate the sales pressure under the line to a certain extent. But the industry is really a headache for the business. Against this background, Chinalco has issued a number of announcements in succession to rid itself of bad assets and carry out "subtraction" in order to make losses.

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